Commercial Office Fitouts

Sometimes it doesn't take expansion to get the extra space that you need.

Make the most of your existing floor space with an office refurbishment from Auscon Projects, Melbourne’s commercial fitout experts. Whether your office holds 10 people or 100, our experienced specialists will help you create a functional working environment, giving your employees the freedom and inspiration they need to achieve the primary goals of your business.

Auscon Projects has breathed new life into all kinds of office environments, delivering exceptional results to businesses spanning from law firms in the CBD, to suburban libraries and lolly shops in local shopping malls.

What’s the office refurbishment process?

One of our office fitout specialists will consult with you to understand the goals you would like to achieve with your refurbishment. Whether you wish to change the layout into an open plan office; to create more floor space in anticipation of an increase in staff; or simply give the office a fresh new look, our specialists will be able to form a plan that best suits your needs. Once we understand what you’re looking to accomplish, we will collaborate with you on an appealing design that is both practical and functional. Whether it’s installing partitioning to give a large space more definition or replastering the ceiling, we’ll come up with a solution that is sure to satisfy.

Before we begin the actual office refurbishment work we will aim to quote you on a fixed price, and If that price needs to be revised at any point, we will always be sure to consult with you first. We understand that your workplace will be keen to minimise downtime, so all physical work on the fitout of your office will be completed at a time most convenient to you. We will keep the disruption to you and your customers or clients to a minimum, so you can get through your working day with as little disruption as possible.

Why go for a commercial office fitout?

There are a variety of reasons that businesses opt for a complete office refurbishment:


  • Your business may be preparing for an upcoming expansion which will include the employment of new staff, necessitating the optimal usability of your existing floor space.
  • An update or change in office layout from a cubicle-heavy set up to an open plan environment.
  • Moving to a new premises with a need to quickly get the office prepared and functional, while also adding a much-needed splash of your business’ personality.
  • A simple wish to breathe new life into an office environment that looks worn out, run down and stale.
  • Giving your employees and coworkers the freedom they need to feel happy and healthy in your office space is not only conducive to productivity but also creates a more positive atmosphere for workers and clients alike.


Ultimately, the aim of a commercial office fitout is to create an environment that engages employees, and in turn allows them to work towards achieving the goals of your business in a productive environment.

It’s also important to have a style that appeals to clients. Auscon Projects looks forward to helping you make that happen for your Melbourne-based business or premises. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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